Termite Inspection Brisbane

We deliver affordable pest control and termite treatment services to both residential and commercial property owners

Termite Inspection Brisbane

Critical Care Pest Management offers affordable and reliable termite inspections in Brisbane. Are you a property owner concerned about the possibility of termites? Or are you seeking a pre-purchase building and pest inspection? Our team of experts delivers thorough, transparent reporting that aims to inform and empower both owners and prospective owners regarding the presence of termites.

Pest control Brisbane need not be complicated or expensive. As experienced providers, we offer affordable pest control and termite treatment services to both residential or commercial property owners.

Why Arrange A Termite Inspection?

Termite inspections should make up part of your regular home care and maintenance. Due to their love of dark, hidden spaces such as within walls, ceilings and under floors termites can go largely unnoticed. The Discovery of an advanced termite infestation is something no property owner wants to navigate, the best way to avoid this is to arrange an annual termite inspection.

Regular termite inspections of your Brisbane property can help detect termite activity in its early stages where they can be eliminated before they inflict serious damage. While small and unassuming to look at, termites are one of the leading causes of structural damage to homes.

You may fear floods or fire more, but the reality is that with one in three Australian homes experiencing termites at some time, they pose a much greater risk. Termite damage is also not something you can cover through your home insurance. With repairs often running into the tens of thousands, it is much less expensive and less stressful to take proactive steps to avoid these unwanted pests altogether.

Only environmentally friendly pesticides that meet strict Australian standards should be used for termite control.

What Do Termites Do?

Put simply, termites eat wood, they have a voracious appetite and reproduce quickly. This enables them to quickly eat through the foundations of your property, wooden furniture, floorboards, window frames, doors and more. The damage caused compromises the strength of the wood, leaving channels and a brittle, easily broken, wooden shell behind.

Signs Your Property May Have Termites

Termites are not always easy to spot, particularly in the case of subterranean termites that enter the home via small spaces in the foundations. However, should you see any of the following you may have live termites that require professional treatment:

  • Flying termites or discarded wings.
  • White or translucent looking ants. These ‘white ants’ are often ignored or mistaken for less problematic pests.
  • Papery, easily crushed or hollow timber. Accidentally bumped the skirting board while vacuuming and it’s caused it to crush inwards? There are likely termites within.
  • Tunnelled wood, while not easy to see inside your home, if you see this in any wood surrounding your home such as garden beds, fallen tree branches or trees you may also have them in your property.
  • Termite droppings or frass are a clear sign of the presence of termites. Drywood termites will push their droppings out of their nest leaving black marks and a powdery residue behind. In the case of subterranean termites, they will use their droppings to build their tunnels leaving a crunchy mud-like tube behind.

Disturbingly, in some instances, you may even be able to hear termites munching away inside the walls. Should you notice a faint clicking sound coming from your walls or any of the other signs it’s time to call a termite inspector.

What Happens During A Pest Inspection?

During a termite inspection, you can expect a thorough visual inspection of both the interior and exterior of your property. This includes climbing into spaces that usually remain unseen such as the roof void and sub-floor areas. At Critical Care Pest Management our termite inspections in Brisbane take a minimum of 1.5 hours, during which time our experts inspect:

  • The roof space and any attic areas.
  • Crawl spaces and underneath decks.
  • Skirting boards, walls, windows and door frames.
  • Inside all cupboards and wardrobes.
  • Exterior walls and eaves.
  • Foundations, garages and sheds.
  • Surrounding yard and property (good termite management involves keeping these areas cleared of wood and debris)

Special attention is paid to any areas where the plumbing has created gaps in the sub-floor and foundation such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. This is due to the ease with which subterranean termites can enter your property through these gaps.

Following your inspection, you can expect to receive a detailed, ten-page report including relevant photographs, within 24 hours that outlines all our findings and what the next steps should be.

Only environmentally friendly pesticides that meet strict Australian standards should be used for termite control.

How Much Do Termite Inspections Cost?

Our qualified team delivers professional pest control and termite inspections in Brisbane at an affordable price. Our pre-purchase inspections are fixed price, while our standard termite inspections are priced in accordance with the size of your property.

For more details related to inspection costs, please call and speak with our team.

Termite Treatment Options

We know that the preservation of a safe and healthy environment is paramount for businesses and homeowners alike. This is why we use only environmentally friendly pesticides for termite control that meet strict Australian Standards. Ensuring the safety of your family, pets, staff members and yourself are of utmost importance to our team at all times.

The nature of your termite treatment plan will depend on how extensive the pest problem is. It may involve the injection of pesticides (termiticide) into the foundations, walls, surrounding ground and any cement slabs. This is also known as a chemical barrier or termite barriers and can have effective results within as little as 2 days from the initial treatment.

Other options may include the use of termite baiting systems, these baits work by feeding termites a growth inhibitor. The termites carry this food back to the nest and eventually, after multiple feeds, the nest will completely die off, eliminating the threat from within.

Our expertise includes supporting homeowners to engage in active termite management also. Even if our inspection shows no signs of active termites, we will provide valuable information on how to ensure your home remains free of these unwanted pests.

Termite Inspection In Brisbane That You Can Trust

At Critical Care Pest Management we are the experts you can rely on to deliver detailed termite inspections in Brisbane. Our termite treatments and other effective pest control methods are carried out with utmost professionalism and care. With over 35 years of experience dealing with termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, ants and more we are the undisputed experts for commercial and residential pest control.

Our comprehensive termite inspection services in Brisbane are guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied. We understand the discomfort, fear and concern many homeowners feel regarding termites and the discovery of them within their property. We work to reassure our clients and devise a rapid action plan to eliminate termites and protect your home.

For genuine, reliable and unmatched expertise Critical Call Pest Management are the team you need. Contact us today on 1300 882 528 or email us at enquiries@criticalcare.net.au to book your termite inspection in Brisbane and gain valuable peace of mind.