Termite Treatment Brisbane

Effective termite management systems to help you avoid the stress, expense and hassle of dealing with termite damage in future

Termite Treatment Brisbane

If you have discovered termites in your property following a termite inspection, the next step is to arrange rapid termite treatment services. As a premier provider of pest control services, Critical Care Pest Management also offers affordable, effective termite treatment in Brisbane.

While there are many unwanted pests that can be present in a home or business, few are as problematic as termites. They require rapid treatment in order to protect the structural integrity of the property. Whether you require residential or commercial termite treatment in Brisbane, our team of highly experienced pest controllers can help.

What To Expect Following A Termite Inspection

Termite inspections do not always lead to the discovery of live termites. In the case of a pre-purchase pest inspection, discovering past evidence of termite activity is just as important as live termite detection. Termite damage can significantly impair the foundations of a home and often needs to be professionally repaired once the termites have been eradicated.

Following any of our pre-purchase inspections or termite inspections, a detailed 10-page report will be supplied. This report will outline any areas of concern and recommend treatment where required, a qualified team member will then discuss this further with you and help you decide how to proceed.

At Critical Care Pest Management, we offer swift treatment following discovery. We understand that the presence of termites makes property owners feel distressed and concerned and work to minimise this as much as possible.

Termite damage can significantly impair the foundations of a building.

Types Of Termite Treatments

Thankfully, should termites be discovered, there are termite control methods that can rapidly deal with them. When treating termites, we use a couple of effective pest control methods:

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite baits work by attracting termites into a bait station that is submerged around 30 centimetres into the ground. The bait station cartridge has a locked top and contains wood and an insecticide that works to inhibit the growth of termites.

Termites feed on this bait over time and carry the insecticide back into the nest, eliminating it from within. Termite baits are a highly effective pest control method, particularly for those who prefer not to use a liquid barrier around their home. A well placed and maintained bait station can provide protection for up to 12 months, they are both affordable and effective at killing off large colonies of termites.

Termite Barriers

Termite barriers are not physical barriers, but liquid ones. In this method, a targeted pesticide also known as a termiticide is injected into walls, beneath floors, into concrete foundations and the soil around the home. Termiticide kills termites through both contact and ingestion within days and can provide protection for your property for a period of up to ten years.

Our fully licensed and qualified experts can provide more detail and advice regarding which method is the best for your situation.

Are Termite Treatments Safe?

Termite and pest control is heavily regulated in Australia to ensure the safety of anyone exposed to these pesticides. At Critical Care Pest Management your safety and that of your family, pets and employees are paramount.

To this end, we use only environmentally friendly pesticides that meet all required Australian standards and regulations. You can have absolute peace of mind that the treatment of termites in your home or business is entirely safe. Our termite treatments in Brisbane are not only safe for humans and pets but will not negatively impact the natural flora a fauna surrounding your home either.

Termite damage can significantly impair the foundations of a building.

How To Protect Your Home From Future Termite Infestations

Termite problems can happen at any time and are common causes of damage to homes all over Australia, however, there are steps you can take to help to reduce your risk of infestation.

  1. Both chemical barriers and baits can be used as preventative measures for your property, helping to deter and reduce their presence.
  2. Remove all possible food sources such as fallen branches, building materials and untreated timber from around the property.
  3. Use only treated timber to build garden beds, fences and retaining walls.
  4. Reduce the presence of moisture around your home, ensuring water drains away and the ground does not remain constantly damp as termites thrive in moist environments.
  5. Keep attics, crawl spaces, basement areas and beneath decks clear – this will make it easier to see potential termite activity and where they may have entered your home. Do not ignore the presence of white or translucent looking ants – these white ants are in fact termites.
  6. Arrange for, at the least, annual termite inspections as part of your regular home maintenance and care schedule.

All of these steps combined to form an effective termite management system and can help you avoid the stress, expense and hassle of dealing with termite damage in future.

Affordable Termite And Pest Control

At Critical Care Pest Management we deliver affordable pest control including effective termite protection and eradication. Our affordable and safe termite solutions paired with our genuine customer care sets us apart from other pest companies. With over 35 years of experience, you can trust us to deliver outstanding termite control and management that puts your mind at ease.

As Brisbane termite inspection and treatment experts, we guarantee our professional services. We remain dedicated to our clients from the first discovery of termites until their elimination. Alongside these services we also support property owners to deal with other unwanted pests such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas and more.

For quality pest control and termite treatment in Brisbane, work with the experts. Contact Critical Care Pest Management today on 1300 882 528 or email us on enquiries@criticalcare.net.au.